lundi 15 août 2011

More or Less

Guess My Number

Math Skills: Classifying, comparing and ordering whole numbers, problem solving
Materials: A 100's board and counters for each player.
Directions: The leader secretly chooses a number of the 100's board. The other players try
to guess the secret number. Players take turns asking the leader questions which may be
answered with yes or no. For example: Is the number even? Is the number greater than
50? Does the number have a 5 in the ones place? After a question is answered, all players
can cover numbers on their board which can be eliminated as the secret number. The first
player who guesses the secret number on his/her turn, earns a point for that round.
Variations: For younger children, have them use fewer rows on the hundreds chart. For
example, row 1 only or rows 4 and 5 only. Instead of yes/no questions, players could ask
a question which could be answered less than, greater than, or equal to. For example: Is it
25? It's greater than 25. The leader could respond with symbol cards labeled <, >, =. It
is also possible to earn points for the number of guesses used before the number is
revealed. The person with the least number of points wins. Children can also play this
game without concrete manipulatives and could expand the secret number to 3-4 digits.

3 commentaires:

  1. vs avez essayé?comment ca c'est passé?ils ont bien compris le principe?

  2. Non on a pas encore essayé, je l'ai mis la pour ne pas le perdre et y penser, il faut que je me trouve une belle "grid" d'abord

  3. Sympa ce petit jeu, dans la méthode Montessori on nomme ce genre de jeu le jeu du détective histoire de donner encore plus envie à l'enfant.