vendredi 13 juin 2014

Flat Jannah in Pennsylvania, USA !

Flat Jannah is staying with two lovely little home-schooled boys on a farm in Pennsylvania USA, here what she has been up to so far:

Flat Jannah est chez deux charmants petis garcons qui font aussi l'école à la maison en Pennsylvanie, USA:

"We are getting the field ready for planting.  We planted rye at the end of last year's crop to help the soil & now we must plow it under.  Next week she'll help us plant corn, watermelon, pumpkins, popcorn, cantaloupe, green beans, peas, cucumbers & peppers."

"She's in the strawberry patch now!  
This flower needs to be pollinated before it can turn into a yummy strawberry.
We've seen a lot of bees so we know they've been working hard in our garden!"

"Here she is hanging out on an asparagus plant!"

"This is our dalmatian, Sully.  He just turned 10 years old & his favorite snack is carrots! I don't know if you can tell, but he has two different colored eyes: blue & brown.​"

"Hershey, Pennsylvania: The Sweetest Place on Earth.  It's about 45 minutes from our house.

This was taken from the car - the building in the background is the state police academy.  The front lawn has white lettering that reads: Welcome to Hershey."

"Here we are on the factory tour at Chocolate World. I'm sorry its blurry - but this was the best one out of all the pictures we took of Jannah.  The cows are singing the Chocolate World theme song.  You even get a mini candy bar at the end of the tour!  "

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